ONCERT is an online music hall project with social interaction in the forefront. The aim was to enable people to take the same actions and feel the social environment at the real-life concerts on virtual ones. In already existing examples, streaming is all set up, but the social flow among audiences or between audience and artist was missing. In this project, everyone will have a chance to get socialized by interacting friends and other people at the “hall” like in the real life.​​​​​​​

First of all, this project’s main subject is transferring audience’s social experience in a real world concert to an online one as close as possible. It’s already a digitalizing project. So, it will be a kind of a hybrid system which occurs with a live streaming and real-time communication technics. With the best medium and technique choices, the assurance is making audience social interactive again in a concert.

Based on the previous research and observation, ONCert’s principles presented above are basically its cornerstones:

- Artists want to feel the audience, according to the interviews I’ve made. For helping them, there will be a viewer visualization screen for musicians. The audience will be able to react artist with “clap” or any other reaction button. Every viewer will be a point on the screen and with using reaction button will make their own point change visually. By this action, artists will be aware of the audience and their actions simultaneously without the need pause the performing and focus on the chat screen.

- Audience has to experience the whole social interaction scene. Creating chat groups will make this happen. Also, security and privacy shouldn’t be forgotten. Being seen on attendees or accessible to chat will be optional too.

- This complex structure sounds too hard to use. Because of it, the detailed and minimal UI design over the almost accustomed UX design will help users to not be confused.

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